Our sincere thanks to all the people who have made this project possible. It has been heartening to receive all this support. 

Many organisations, businesses and individuals Enabled Vanishing Point - Unseen to travel to Burnie in 2019. A Huge thanks to our supporters.






Vanishing Point - Unseen 2017 was kindly supported by :

Vanishing Point 2017 has been generously supported by 'Oceanic Cultures and Connections' through the Marine, Antarctic and Maritime Research Theme at the University of Tasmania. 

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) is a centre for both research and education. IMAS pursues multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work to advance understanding of temperate marine, Southern Ocean, and Antarctic environments. We really appreciate their support for this project and the opportunity to have this exhibition space in such a fantastic building on Hobart's waterfront.



We are very grateful to the Hobart City Council for supporting Vanishing Point. The City of Hobart Waste Reduction Grant Program is a program intended to provide funding to support projects that increase awareness of waste issues, resource recovery and waste reduction.



A big thank you to John Hunter, an inspiring philanthropist,  for continuing his faith in us  and for backing this project and other worthwhile causes.



Beverly Waldie from Coalface Design & Production designed our gorgeous catalogue and invite.  Huge thanks from the Vanishing Point team to a very talented, adaptable and patient woman.


If you come along to our exhibition opening you'll know just how good Frogmore Creek wine and bubbles are! Frogmore Creek Wines is one of Tasmania's most awarded wineries. Proudly family owned they source grapes from the finest cool climate regions in Tasmania. Frogmore Creek also produces Forty-Two Degrees South and the Storm Bay wines. Yum.



Truckle & Co are specialty food retailers with a focus on Tasmanian cheese & the finest from around the globe. At Truckle & Co they love good food and wine and we're so grateful to them for sharing some of their goodies for our opening.



ICC Imagetec has been supporting the fine arts and photography industry through a range of professional products and services since 2003. They provide full custom framing services of all types of art and photography and operate a professional inkjet printing service.



Mercury Walch have done such an amazing job on all our print collateral, and very accommodating with tight deadlines too! They are a great team who help with any size job from the tiniest task to the super complex project. 



Good beer from a good business. Need we say more?



Big thanks to the gurus at Aegres for sorting out our tech needs.




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