Vanishing Point- talks schedule

Vanishing Point is an arts/science collaboration to raise awareness about plastics pollution in the ocean. The exhibition will take place at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) Hobart waterfront. Throughout this exhibition we are holding a series of public talks on Saturday mornings in the IMAS lecture theatre.  

Stayed tuned for the timetables of inspiring speakers....coming soon.

All welcome!

May 2

Dr Heidi Auman    Ocean plastic not fantastic- studying marine debris ingestion in seabirds

May 9

Dr Gretta Pecl   Citizen science and our oceans

May 16

Dave Pryce   The Plastiki Expedition- the making of a catamaran out of 12,500 plastic bottles which sailed 8,000 miles from San Francisco to Sydney raising awareness of ocean plastic

May 23

Dr Denise Hardesty   Our coast, our plastic, our problem, our solution 

May 30

Lara Marcus    Whale sharks- the biggest fish in the ocean who eats the smallest plankton

June 6

Dr Graham Robertson   Saving the Albatross- advances in technologies to reduce albatross and petrel mortality in longline fisheries

June 13

Dr Patti Virtue    Krill- upon which the entire Antarctic ecosystem relies

June 20

Dr Frederique Oliver   The longest night with the Emperor Penguins


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